Earth Domes in the 21st Century – Building earth homes and human relationships

We are running on our fourth day today and we already reached the twelfth earth-bag ring.

Progressing in a collective and empowering manner, this natural architecture technique has been able to bring together people from a range of nations, backgrounds and specialties.

In just ten days we’ve set out on the mission to learn and built a three meter diameter sandbag earthdome, based on the Superadobe technique […]

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Introduction Course in Permaculture – Cyprus Summer 2014

Things are shifting quite rapidly in the small island of Cyprus. Bail out announcements over a year ago have managed to stir things for Cypriot people and the need for change has propelled the island’s people to look for alternatives; solutions that can turn them into more resilient and self-reliant.
Permaculture seems to be attracting an increasing amount of attention all across the world and since […]

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