A green oasis in Skouriotissa: An afternoon at Agniya’s vegetable garden

As I stepped in through the arched entrance, it felt as if I was entering a private paradise: an oasis of trees, vegetable plants and flowers, all together radiating a bright tone of green. A light that the more you stared, the more it lured you in.
Agniya welcomed me with a warm smile and her fluent Greek: I knew from her husband that she wasn’t born in Cyprus, so I have assumed our afternoon chat was going to take place in English – little did I know about this talented young woman. […]

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Designing Resilience in Drylands: A PDC in Cyprus – Summer 2016

Cyprus – A point of attraction for so many conquerors throughout the centuries. A gem many wanted to posses for its strategic placement and the abundance of fossil wealth present on the island. Nevertheless, copper and gold weren’t the only precious commodities in Cyprus in the old times.

There’s a part of our island’s natural history only known by a few: Cyprus used to be covered from top to bottom by a wealth of vegetation. From high up Troodos mountains, all the way down to the coasts, Cyprus used to be covered by trees – lush and diverse forests primarily consisting of Cyprus oak – now known as Syrian oak, since for centuries now it has been extinct from Cyprus.

Why is it that we allowed a couple of centuries of intense deforestation patterns, and now, degenerative agriculture practices, lead our island towards environmental exhaustion?

What happened to that diverse paradise and why is the image we have today for Cyprus, more of a dryland, inevitably heading towards desertification?


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Building Dreams In the Heart of Achaia

Re-Green & Liveloula: The growing Permaculture Communities in the Pelloponese
“Nice to meet you. I’m Joey! Come on in”

Those were the first words of my future classmate and dear friend Joey, as he was picking me up from the center of Akrata, a small coastal town on the north of Pelloponese. We were both heading up to Seliana, for our full permaculture immersion that was going […]

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A talk on Permaculture with Athina Violari – Cyprus Radio

During autumn 2015, we had one goal:

To travel to Mallorca and complete our Teachers’ Permaculture Training with one of the world’s leading Permaculture teachers and designers: Rosemary Morrow.

Well, we made it thanks to the warm support of our community: through a successful Indiegogo campaign we managed to collect all the required funds that enabled us to attend the seminar.

Listen to everything that happened, and get […]

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Growing Food in mid of Town: Urban Paradises in the heart of Athens

“Come – we can spend some time in the garden and then head to the center,” said Alexandros when looking to organize my visit in the urban center of Greece, the city of Athens.

Through our prior communication I could tell that Alexandros had his hands full, running around a fully bloomed vegetable garden, expanding his growing territory every time more, and experimenting all the time with new Permaculture techniques.

I was expecting therefore to arrive to a suburban piece of land where Alexandros could easily expand and cultivate the land freely. What I saw though, pleasantly surprised me.



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SELF-SUFFICIENCY: How much can one word contain? – Five days at Nicos’ and Dinas’ orchard in Komotini

«Today you will help in the garden, by the side of a great man. You have many things to learn from Nicos – just start by observing how he works with the earth and you will understand.»

These were the words I remember Aris Pavlos sharing with me in April 2014 at the 14th Panhellenic Festival of Peliti, in Paranesti, Drama.

He was talking about Nicolaos Dompazis – little I knew that a year and a half later I would be in his and his wife garden in Komotini, picking peppers and baking bread…


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A contemporary Farmer in Evia – George Polatoglou and the Farm «To Kandili»

I stumbled upon the pictures from the farm «To Kandili» randomly one day as I was scouting on the internet. What made an impression on me was the wooden kiosk of the farm, where all sorts of summer crop were offered in abundance: from juicy red tomatoes, to cucumbers, green beans, onions, peppers, zucchinis and tomato sauces.

I was curious to meet the meet behind this organic and impressive yield, and that’s why I made sure to pass by the village of Prokopio during our visit at Evia.

What I ended up finding though when I stepped closer to that Facebook-famous kiosk, came as a surprise…


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TV Show: Petrera Permaculture Land

Kato apo ton Idio Ourano – RIK 2
November 2015-12-02
A show dedicated to resilience and the effort to achieve self-reliance through a turn to a more natural lifestyle by applying Permaculture principles.
The show hosted Permaculture Designer Sofia Matsi, and the project Petrera Permaculture Land at Kalo Chorio Orinis.
Research-Journalist: Huseyin Halil
Filming: Andreas Demetriou, Kyriakos Moniatis
Non Linear Editing: Annita Mazeri
Translation: Voula Charana, Emin Hikmet
Director: Chrystalla Avgousti
Production: RIK 2015

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Report on PTM Training in Mallorca

Permaculture Teachers’ Matters Training – October 2015

The warm Mallorcan sun and the sound of bells from the grazing sheep, greeted us goodbye as we departed the “Son Barrina” farm that cool Friday morning. It was October 23rd 2015 and we have just completed one of the most life-changing training workshops: the Permaculture Teachers’ Training with Rosemary Morrow.

The two of us, embarked on this joined journey two months ago – motivated to learn and help bring the change in Cyprus, through Permaculture. Budget was tight and time was getting closer, so after a “crazy” idea thrown out there by Gabriel, we decided to go for it: Let’s turn to our community and see – Will “Care of People” support us achieve our goal? So the decision was made: Crowdfunding it was!


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REPORT: Workshop – Earthdomes in the 21st century with Iliona Outram Khalili

June 2015
We have just concluded the first 21st Century Sandbag Earth-Dome in Cyprus, using a method that was inspired by the master builder and philanthropist architect, Nader Khalili. This particular method of constructing earth domes, has been developed by Nader thirty years ago, and manages to connect the old element with the new. Sandbag earth dome houses combine the old traditions of earth houses, built […]

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