We Ran for Seeds for the 2nd Year!

Adults, teenagers and young kids – all set out from Petrera walking and running side by side for the same purpose: Walking and Running for Seeds. One more year Run For Seeds race was embraced by a great deal of adventurous trail runners setting out to concur the 21K mountaintops, while others preferred to enjoy the shorter but equally satisfying panoramic views of the 7K […]

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Run for Seeds race is more than just a sports event. It’s a celebration of life. A celebration of freedom of one of the simplest yet most substantial humanity’s goods: that of seeds.
Seeds consist the basis of our lives, since everything that surround us begin with seeds: from the greens we put in our salads to the giant black pine trees that shade us as […]

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It’s 6:15 and the morning sun has still to reveal his face behind the dry hills of Nattum. Birds have already filled the valley with their melodies. People are have already began to move around, brushing their teeth, washing their faces and getting ready for the first workshop session.
A cup of warm mixed tea was awaiting for us along freshly baked bread that just […]

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We met at the bus station – we were a diverse group of people originating from many parts of the world: Uganda, Somalia, India, Cyprus, Hungary, USA along with many locals. Soon we were all packed in several matatus and we were now heading towards North Laikipia where our final destination was located: The Natuum womens’ community.
We came here to learn water harvesting techniques […]

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In January 2018, a key workshop on climatic changes reaction steps was held in Laikipia region of Kenya. The course dealt with one of the most rising crisis societies need to face today: WATER.
Water is the most quintessential resource on our planet for the survival of all living beings. As humans, our bodies are about seventy percent water, the same as the percentage of water […]

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Run For Seeds 2018 – Report

Last Sunday, 11th of March 2018, the 1st RUN FOR SEEDS – PETRERA ECO RUN took place in Pertrera Permaculture Land, in Kalo Chorio Orinis.
People of a great range of ages, backgrounds, and nationalities came together with one aim: TO RUN & HIKE FOR SEEDS – a step towards freedom, independence and resilience. These past decades, seed freedom and food-security are in threat. Big corporate interests […]

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5 Things I Learnt through Gardening – TEDX talk

Spotlight is on. The technicians and volunteers are buzzing around frenzied, trying to settle every single detail: the cameras, the screens, the sound, the microphones….
I am standing in a glass room on the second floor, looking out the window, trying to prepare myself for what could be one of the most thrilling and at the same time terrifying stage experiences of my life. “Take four […]

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The Cypriot Agriculture is on a Wagon – A radio report from France

Thomas Giraudeau, a young journalist from France, visited Cyprus as part of his research on Cyprus agriculture and the grand challenge in water shortage. Amongst the interviewees was Sofia Matsi and her work on Petrera Permaculture Land.

The report was broadcasted in June 12th 2017, during GRAND REPORTAGE radio show, on RFI. You can find the original report in French, here. Read on and find out many interesting […]

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Peliti Seed Festival 2017: A celebration of Life – A celebration of Freedom!

24th April 2017 Mesochori.

Another Panhellenic seed festival has come to an end: the 1st Olympic Seed Festival & 17th Peliti Seed Festival. A celebration where seed savers come together from all countries of the world to exchange experiences, knowledge and seeds from their regions.

Everything began 22 years ago with the vision of Panayiotis Sainatoudis, the coordinator of the largest seed exchange group in Greece, Peliti.

In […]

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Republication: Morph Yourself – A story about transition & Permaculture in Cyprus

An article about transition in Cyprus and the quest for achieving resilience and self-sustainability.

Thank you Maria Mor for the beautiful dedication and the even more beautiful writing and remarkable understanding of the essence of Permaculture!

To read the article click here, as posted in Blindfold Magazine – October 13th 2016.

Read and share if you enjoyed!


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