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09:00 - 15:00

Petrera Permaculture Land


Want to be part of change while running free in mountainous winter trails?

Logo Run For Seeds

RUN FOR SEEDS in 2019 and be part of the international movement of seed freedom.

For the second year, Petrera Permaculture Land will be hosting the annual RUN FOR SEEDS trail run: a day of exercise, nutritious food and eco-festival in the countryside featuring local producers and farmers. The event is co-organized by Petrera Permaculture Land and Cyprus Seed Savers.

Register for one of two race options:

  1. 21K – A challenging yet rewarding route awaits you, involving a combination of single-track nature trails, undulating forested paths, traditional village alleys and some exciting cross-country sections. The climbs will be tough, but expect to be rewarded with fantastic panoramic vistas, including the surrounding mountaintops of Mount Olympos, Machairas & Pentadactylos. The route winds across the scenic area surrounding the three villages of Kalo Chorio Orinis, Mitsero and Ayios Epiphanios Orinis. 
  2. 7K – Walk or run this enchanting short route, through beautiful rural trails and segments of mystical forested paths. This is the perfect balance of breathtaking uphills and steep downhills, surrounded by a rewarding panoramic view from the top of the hill of all the neighboring villages.



RUN FOR SEEDS is much more than a sports event. It’s a celebration of life. A celebration of the freedom of one of the simplest yet most substantial precursors of life: Seeds. Seeds consist the foundation life: From the greens we put in our salads to the forests we run and hike through. Unfortunately, just as many other things of our natural environment, seeds and their freedom have been threatened by economic interests. In these past few decades, multinationals have realized that by controlling the market of seeds they can control the entire food chain. Farmers who used to be the guardians of heirloom seeds, another name for the traditional open-pollinated seed varieties, are today liable to the interests of multinationals and are legally bound to use “improved” and patented seeds, owned by these multinationals. The times when our farmers freely used their resistant and hugely diverse seed collections to feed their families, are long gone – so are the flavors, aromas and nutrition from our food. In our group, Cyprus Seeds Savers we decided that it is time for change. Our goal is to act through small yet impacting gestures in order to grow stronger and more resilient, and all that by simply planting and sharing our traditional seeds.

In this race, WE RUN FOR SEEDS: We run for our right for free access to nutritious and quality food for our generation and the ones to follow. Read more about the story of seeds here.


  • Both 21K and 7K routes start and finish at Petrera Permaculture Land
  • More information on the location can be found at the end of this post


  • Sunday 17th of February 2019
    • 21K starting at 10am (Registrations 9am)
    • 7k starting at 11am (Registrations 10am)


  • Register for the 21K or 7K races by:
  • Registration fee (Payments will be processed at the day of the race)
    • 21K –   €15
    • 7K   –    €5
  • All race profits will support the completion of our Community Seed Bank! Check out all the details here.
  • If you wish to contribute to the Cyprus’ Seedsavers mission and you are not able to participate in the race, you can send your contribution today to the group and become one of the guardians of the Communal Seed Bank. Contact us for more information.


GPX & KML files for 21K route

GPX: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ucz0KdxU6GXEIpLoJBJj0xTb7yXCfOml

KML: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pVme3MYxXzsmMmnpOVNlURlonskrT9nB



Petrera Permaculture Land is located at Kyriakou Matsi Street, at Kalo Chorio Orinis.
Driving from Nicosia:
  • Take the road towards Palaichori.
  • Pass the village of Arediou (several gasoline stations and coffee shops)
  • Drive by the military base of “Tasou Markou” (on your right)
  • As soon as you pass by “Ais Ampelis” winery on your right, take the 3rd turn on your right (concrete road) where signs for “Kyriakou Matsi Street”, “Palaichori Chickens” & “Petrera Permaculture Land” are posted
  • You will see the sign for the farm on your left.
  • Please be aware that parking near the farm is limited. Make sure you arrive at the space of event with plenty time ahead and follow our guidance as for the nearest available parking space at the time of your arrival.

If you have any further inquiries call us at 99354132 – Sofia




Petrera Permaculture Land is an organic farm that employs holistic Permaculture methods to produce clean and nutritious food, through the eco-friendly and efficient use and reuse of all naturally available resources: sun, water and organic waste. In Permaculture we want to mimic natural patterns with the goal of maximizing yield and reducing unnecessary labor, synthetic inputs and waste.








Cyprus Seed Savers is a volunteer group that aims to locate, multiply and share local heirloom seeds. The group focuses on awareness and education of the importance of saving our traditional seeds and applying organic and holistic methods in growing our food and health.