Republication: Morph Yourself – A story about transition & Permaculture in Cyprus

An article about transition in Cyprus and the quest for achieving resilience and self-sustainability.

Thank you Maria Mor for the beautiful dedication and the even more beautiful writing and remarkable understanding of the essence of Permaculture!

To read the article click here, as posted in Blindfold Magazine – October 13th 2016.

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TV Show: Petrera Permaculture Land

Kato apo ton Idio Ourano – RIK 2
November 2015-12-02
A show dedicated to resilience and the effort to achieve self-reliance through a turn to a more natural lifestyle by applying Permaculture principles.
The show hosted Permaculture Designer Sofia Matsi, and the project Petrera Permaculture Land at Kalo Chorio Orinis.
Research-Journalist: Huseyin Halil
Filming: Andreas Demetriou, Kyriakos Moniatis
Non Linear Editing: Annita Mazeri
Translation: Voula Charana, Emin Hikmet
Director: Chrystalla Avgousti
Production: RIK 2015

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