Run for Seeds race is more than just a sports event. It’s a celebration of life. A celebration of freedom of one of the simplest yet most substantial humanity’s goods: that of seeds.

Seeds consist the basis of our lives, since everything that surround us begin with seeds: from the greens we put in our salads to the giant black pine trees that shade us as we run through Troodos trails. Seeds though and our free access to them, as many other parts of our natural environment have been threatened by economic interested. Giant multinationals have invested millions these past few years in their effort to standardize seeds and control the market of seeds, and therefore our entire food chain. Henry Kissinger once said: “Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control the people.” The producers of artificial pesticides, fertilizers and commercial seeds have not limited themselves only to the creation essential products for the farmer, but they made sure the legal frame would support their attempts. Today, after multiple lobbying efforts the utilization of their commercial seeds consists an obligation of almost every farmer.

IMG_20180311_095641686Farmers have slowly left behind their traditional seeds and have been working with varieties that due to their physiology or their patented rights, farmers are obligated to return back to their “creator” every year and buy an entire seed stock anew. Resilient heirloom seeds varieties that have fed entire generations and that for years have been passed from generation to generation, vanished within decades, leaving our farmers and therefore all of us, adrift of these multinationals’ control.

In the RUN FOR SEEDS race, we run for the freedom of seeds.


We run for our right for free access to the most substantial gift of life, that of seeds. A gift that we owe to always keep free for the generations that passed from this earth and the ones to come.

In February 19th, 2019 we meet at Kalo Chorio’s mountains and with Petrera Permaculture Land as a beginning line we cross the mountains of Mitsero and Ayios Epiphanios, running through rivers, valleys, pine forests and stunning panoramic viewpoints, only to cross the finishing line stronger and freer, as now we have become part of the race for the freedom of seeds.

All the profits from the organization of this race will go to support the actions of our local group, Cyprus Seedsavers and help built our community seed bank.

Do you also want to be part of RUN FOR SEEDS 2019?

Register here, and be part of the most exciting race for change!

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