Spotlight is on. The technicians and volunteers are buzzing around frenzied, trying to settle every single detail: the cameras, the screens, the sound, the microphones….

I am standing in a glass room on the second floor, looking out the window, trying to prepare myself for what could be one of the most thrilling and at the same time terrifying stage experiences of my life. “Take four deep breaths and try to let the air out as slowly as possible,” said our stage coach Avgie. For the past fifteen minutes I was diligently following her advice and I was surprisingly entering a strangely calm mode. But that was cut short the minute the doors were wide opened and the crowd began to fill the hall rapidly.

There was nothing that could prepare me enough for all that people, but then, I guess nothing can prepare you enough for a TED-talk… The only thing I could do from now on was to have fun with it and enjoy this opportunity as much as I could.

“Sofia, it’s your turn. Come with me,” said the stage assistant with the bright smile and showed me the way to the stage.

I took one last deep breath and walked up the stage.

What a beautiful sight. What a beautiful energy. Time to roll!

“5 things I learnt through gardening” was part of TEDX University of Nicosia event: GAME OVER – PLAY AGAIN?  Find out more about the event, the curators, the presenter, and the speakers here.