5 Things I Learnt through Gardening – TEDX talk

Spotlight is on. The technicians and volunteers are buzzing around frenzied, trying to settle every single detail: the cameras, the screens, the sound, the microphones….
I am standing in a glass room on the second floor, looking out the window, trying to prepare myself for what could be one of the most thrilling and at the same time terrifying stage experiences of my life. “Take four […]

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The Cypriot Agriculture is on a Wagon – A radio report from France

Thomas Giraudeau, a young journalist from France, visited Cyprus as part of his research on Cyprus agriculture and the grand challenge in water shortage. Amongst the interviewees was Sofia Matsi and her work on Petrera Permaculture Land.

The report was broadcasted in June 12th 2017, during GRAND REPORTAGE radio show, on RFI. You can find the original report in French, here. Read on and find out many interesting […]

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