A contemporary Farmer in Evia – George Polatoglou and the Farm «To Kandili»

I stumbled upon the pictures from the farm «To Kandili» randomly one day as I was scouting on the internet. What made an impression on me was the wooden kiosk of the farm, where all sorts of summer crop were offered in abundance: from juicy red tomatoes, to cucumbers, green beans, onions, peppers, zucchinis and tomato sauces.

I was curious to meet the meet behind this organic and impressive yield, and that’s why I made sure to pass by the village of Prokopio during our visit at Evia.

What I ended up finding though when I stepped closer to that Facebook-famous kiosk, came as a surprise…


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TV Show: Petrera Permaculture Land

Kato apo ton Idio Ourano – RIK 2
November 2015-12-02
A show dedicated to resilience and the effort to achieve self-reliance through a turn to a more natural lifestyle by applying Permaculture principles.
The show hosted Permaculture Designer Sofia Matsi, and the project Petrera Permaculture Land at Kalo Chorio Orinis.
Research-Journalist: Huseyin Halil
Filming: Andreas Demetriou, Kyriakos Moniatis
Non Linear Editing: Annita Mazeri
Translation: Voula Charana, Emin Hikmet
Director: Chrystalla Avgousti
Production: RIK 2015

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