We are running on our fourth day today and we already reached the twelfth earth-bag ring.

Progressing in a collective and empowering manner, this natural architecture technique has been able to bring together people from a range of nations, backgrounds and specialties.

In just ten days we’ve set out on the mission to learn and built a three meter diameter sandbag earthdome, based on the Superadobe technique established two decades ago by humanitarian Earth Architect, Nader Khalili. Together with us, it is our great privilege and pleasure to have his past student, partner in architecture and later on in life, Iliona Outram Khalili. Iliona is accompanied by two exceptional young men, colleagues at New Earth UK foundation and aspiring architects in great works to come in Earth Architecture, Tommaso Bazzechi and Andreas Athanasi.

With their expertise in earthdome construction, and Iliona’s long experience in natural architecture, this powerful trio of architects is educating people from all over Cyprus on how to construct a room, house even an entire eco-village with just earthbags, barbed wire and earth. The technique shared with the workshop’s participants is a very fast and simple one, requiring the minimum skills from its builders and that is why it was able to attract people with various levels of connection to building, ranging from enthusiast ecologists and permaculturists, to architects, civil engineers and constructors.

Learning therefore all the necessary steps to construct our own earth buildings out of the four basic elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire, we are optimistic that this educational experience will not only provide all of us participants with the technical support to begin any earth dome project, but most importantly it brings us together as a like-minded community in Cyprus, ready to collaborate and develop any small or big building project we dream of.

Being inspired by the simplicity and force of nature, we learn to observe and work with her, and we are still yet half way through our workshop. What is there to come with the completion of this international celebratory gathering is only exciting and much promising to see. So we will keep constructing, more earthbag coils and human bonds.


*This workshop is held at Petrera Permaculture Land and it is a collaboration between the farm, the Movement of Life and the New Earth UK Foundation. This event was possible, due to the help and support of the workshop’s sponsors: Viocultura Organic Store, Riverland Bio Dairy Farm and M&M printings. You can find out more about the workshop by connecting to the event’s page on Facebook.